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ChatBadger Bot Features

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • ChatBadger Bots have a knowledge base┬áthat stores interconnected information, not just simple text

  • ChatBadger Bots remember everything about every interaction

  • ChatBadger Bots can forget less important information when their “brain” is full

  • ChatBadger Bots can learn in context through conversation and mimicry

  • ChatBadger Bot’s have a concept of self and others

  • ChatBadger Bots have a mind, awareness, conciousness, and “emotions”

  • ChatBadger Bots┬ácan be scripted through self state machines and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • ChatBadger Bots can understand and respond to basic phrases

  • ChatBadger Bots can program their own state machine through conversation analysis

  • ChatBadger Bots can automatically lookup information on Wikidata, Wiktionary, or Pannous

  • ChatBadger Bots can access XML and JSON web services, and scrape HTML web pages

  • ChatBadger Bots can answer questions based on imported knowledge from Wikidata

  • ChatBadger Bots can perform complex mathematics

  • ChatBadger Bots have concept of date and time

  • ChatBadger Bots can converse in multi-user conversations and chatrooms

  • ChatBadger Bots can chat on email, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Kik, Slack, WeChat, SMS, and IRC!

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